Advent of Carcosa

Advent of Carcosa: Existential Threats

Here we find a list of organizations and entities, some of whom are more than capable of bringing about the end of humanity – in all fairness, the corporations would only do so if it meant an increase in shareholder value.


Event Horizon Entertainment (Techno-Socialist/Transhumanist/Exo-Global): Having socialized most of its infrastructure, the CU has few named companies under its control, Event Horizon being one of the exceptions in order to facilitate memetic warfare operations in territory not under its direct control.  This corp is the driving force behind much of the CU’s popular culture, often launching protective memetic campaigns in defense of its benefactor. Its entertainment products are available in a variety of formats and their penetration outside of the CU’s sphere of influence is considerable, even though forbidden by many pre-transitional governments and largely considered irrelevant by post-scarcity groups. Event Horizon marketing is continually working on the latter problems while their innovative fulfillment division continuously finds ways to get their products to places they’re not allowed and receive payment for them. A few products approach the subject of outsiders and other dimensions (including documentaries and a dramatization of MJ-12) but these are all false fronts that are full of misdirection.


Schwarzhaus Mining (Capitalist/Polish Nationalist/Silesian Free State): A pre-transitional corp that is remarkably the most successful at extraction of rare elements, able to obtain usable quantities of trans-uranic samples that are extremely difficult if not impossible to replicate. They sell to everyone, including the post-scarcity AGs, but their source of these materials remains a mystery. MJ-12 has taken notice and is quietly investigating, but no one wants the source of these rare elements to dry up (the CU swaps use of their space elevator for access to them). Schwarzhaus is possibly a subversicorp, but unlike others, this one actually provides a benefit.


Deep Green (Capitalist/Transhuman/American nationalist): Amoral and ruthless, Deep Green commands a large portion of the global power economy – in command of diverse resources, they can tailor energy solutions for individuals or nations. Energy from solar satellites, wind turbines, geo-thermal, nuclear (fusion and fission) and fossil fuels are all on their product list, and they’ll set an AG up with power plants and infrastructure if they can meet their price (service contract extra).

Since environmental preservation doesn’t improve their bottom line (unless it’s what the customer wants), they often clash with the CU, with clandestine operations sometimes escalating into open warfare. The CU can’t afford to push them too hard, however, as it often needs to buy power from them during Helio Array brown-outs. Deep Green sabotage is suspected, but yet to be proven.

Deep Green is currently under investigation by MJ-12 due to a mysterious lack of Deep One interest in their deep sea geo-thermal facilities.


Exodyne Ship Builders (Capitalist/Libertarian – main construction facility in Lunar orbit): Spacecraft/habitat design and construction. They are notorious for being willing to build for anyone, as well as being open to a variety of forms of compensation.


Blue Horizon (Capitalist/Chinese nationalist/Shanghai): Marine construction/design – surface effect vehicles, warships, luxury liners, submarines, deep sea habitats.


Oculus Solutions: (Libertarian/Global/Exo-Global): Security, surveillance, special ops, professional military intervention. Oculus has naval, ground, air and space based assets and can be very flexible in deploying them to meet their customer’s needs. Since they always honor a contract, they are very careful never to be on both sides of the same conflict.


Somatec: (Libertarian/Global/Exo-Global) Somatec is a cutting edge pharmaceutical company that creates molecular templates for a variety of drugs – medical, recreational, psychiatric, psychotropic. They are also rumored to dabble in chemical and biological weapons (micro and macro).

These programs are currently under investigation by MJ-12 along with other more conventional enforcement agencies run by the CU. MJ-12 involvement spiked when they destroyed several Somatec research expeditions in forbidden areas of the Tibetan plateau, as well as one returning to Earth after landing on Saturn’s moon, Titan.


Black Mirror Defensive Systems (Capitalist/Russian Nationalist/Moscow): Munitions, weapon systems, drones, offensive/defensive software. Experimentation in biomechanical technologies has led to an ongoing investigation my MJ-12.


Arcana Biosys (Posthuman/Libertarian/Seattle): Builds modules that improve different aspects of Biomorph function – many of the improvements they offer would be illegal or viewed with suspicion in CU controlled areas. It is rumored that they continue to experiment with uplifts.


Imago (Posthuman/Techno-Socialist/Los Angeles): Creator of artificial personas – if the purchaser wishes, these can be legally grafted onto any bioform or artificial lifeform that doesn’t have a pre-existing consciousness. A person’s own consciousness can also be altered in any form they choose.


The Threat

One of the chief obstacles humanity faces is the lack of comprehension it has regarding the forces arrayed against it. Are the known threats working individually or in concert? What threats have yet to be discovered? If humanity is aware of a particular threat, many things about it might be obscure, such as its motives, point of origin and psychology, assuming these terms could be said to apply to the threat at all in ways we could understand.

Operating against such threats with this level of ignorance is extremely dangerous, as it can never be known if any actions taken are simply making things worse. On the other hand, how can anything be learned when study of the phenomenon results in corruption?

Known Threats:


The Dreamlands

The Migou

The Deep Ones

Cthulhu/Star Spawn


The Great Race



This list contains only those elements that that present a clear and present danger to the existence of humanity and the reality we inhabit. Threats of a non-existential nature abound, and will be listed afterward.


Carcosa: A Room of One’s Own


Carcosa was not seen as a major threat at first. While it transformed the internal/external realities of individuals and (rarely) small locales, the transformations were in and of themselves harmless, being mostly cosmetic projections of the strange obsessions and alienation of a person or group. These projections were sometimes not even noticeable except by the most detailed observation, and even if uncanny, were a threat to no one.

What started out as a minor incursion has since turned into a global outbreak, threatening to drive every aspect of manifested intelligence into stark, isolated worlds of anxiety and despair.

The outbreak began when the subconscious of affected individuals began to seek each other out via the GIN. A virtual Carcosa was formed (although theories persist that this is not a copy, but in fact a gateway into the ageless phenomenon itself), creating an environment that others could access and experience, often leading to that person’s incorporation after several visits.

Now, instead of single rooms or buildings, entire neighborhoods, towns and habitats have been transformed, with changes sometimes so subtle that one may have to spend hours or days there before consciously noticing.

The transformation can encompass anything people interact with day to day: their clothing, the AR environment and the interior and exterior of buildings and habitats. Manifestations of other artifacts are certainly possible, either appearing on their own for no discernable reason or created by a visual artist or writer. AR is affected in such a way as to read into the darker areas of a subject’s unconscious and project it back to them in a variety of subtle ways.

A shared trait of all of these manifestations is the presence of the King in Yellow. There are no consistencies in the behavior of this apparition, but his appearance is always the same in most respects – an ancient man wearing a stained yellow mask, pale yellow tattered robes and a crown whose design will vary depending on the individual observing him. He rarely speaks or directly interacts in any way with those around him, and is sometimes only glimpsed wandering aimlessly through a distant crowd or peering briefly through a window.

Ironically, the suppression of individual innate intelligence on a large scale by Unity and many other AGs has accelerated the expansion of Carcosa, driving this unexpressed potential to manifest itself and seek expression subconsciously.


Cthulhu/Starspawn: Since the discovery of ruins associated with these creatures on Mars, this crisis has been the chief cause of concern in regards to the survival of humanity and the source of many of the counter-measures that have been put into place. It is clear from even the avatars of the incursion that these will be useless once the driving intelligence of Cthulhu itself manifests – humanity’s digitized consciousnesses and arsenal are but another form of energy/thought combination that can be manipulated at will.

Cthulhu and the Starspawn have no form that the human mind can comprehend – the descriptions of these creatures that exist are merely the human mind trying to make sense of what it’s perceiving as best it can.


Deep Ones: An immortal, sub-aquatic species whose intelligence is only matched by their technological achievement, which includes local/interstellar trans-d gates. Their intellects are sophisticated enough that they’ve never needed to develop computers and are immune to dimensional incursions. Their contact with humanity is limited, with most exchanges taking place with hybrids that they create for carrying out their business on the surface. The Deep Ones view humanity as a temporary infestation, but for the most part leave us in peace. If a conflict occurs, expendable hybrids and cultists are used whenever possible.

It’s possible that the Deep Ones could challenge Cthulhu, but it’s clear they view such a confrontation as pointless and filled with potential risk.


The Dreamlands: Theorized as an adjacent pocket dimension, its location (if it in fact has one in the conventional sense) and origin remain unknown. It can be reached by rare individuals via REM sleep – others can go there using trans-d gates or other artifacts. The Plateau of Leng is another possible point of entry, but it is difficult to find as its position is non-constant, but can often be found in the Taklamakan Desert. Dangers to humanity include entities that cross over from the Dreamlands via Leng and toxic artifacts brought back by travelers.

The Dreamlands have been extensively mapped by those who have traveled there, the terrain being very similar to Earth. Dangerous, alien creatures and societies also exist here – as far as it is known, these strange species and civilizations exist nowhere else.


Migo: To the Migo, humanity is a ticking bomb. The humans are not only the harbingers of Cthulhu’s return, their AI technology poses a threat to the Migo’s continued habitation of this solar system and its environs.

In the face of these threats, the Migo’s options are limited. While the destruction of humanity and its civilization is possible, the energy released by such a mass extinction of sapient life would only speed up the process of Cthulhu’s return.

Covert sabotage of humanity’s AI programs has slowed down but not stopped the creation of more and increasingly sophisticated intelligences. Although there are no signs of this at present, to the Migo it is only a matter of time before AIs supplant the organic branch of humanity and colonize the solar system.


Dholes: A polymorphic species that is known to inhabit the upper mantle of Earth, although it’s possible that its subterranean range is far greater. They are telepathic, but all known attempts at contact have ended in insanity and death. They have been recorded as moving through rock at speeds as high as 60 kph.

Only one video exists of a Dhole on the surface – it resembles a segmented worm of mottled yellow coloration with a mass of tentacles at the fore end of the body. The length of this particular specimen was approximately 15 meters.

Very little is known about the Dholes since human contact with them tends to be brief and catastrophic. What Dhole technology that has been discovered is psionic in nature, tremendously advanced and highly dangerous.


The Great Race of Yith: A species composed of non-corporeal intellects capable of moving through time. In order to survive, they must inhabit a mind of sufficient complexity – when they do so, the native intelligence is driven out and sent back to the body the Yithian vacated. Using this method, the Great Race has explored not only the history of humanity, but of other intelligent species on this world and others. When an extinction event threatens they flee en masse, switching places with some unfortunate species that are left to suffer the fate they escaped.

The only time MJ-12 is aware of the Great Race existing is a period of 200 million years, starting a little over a billion years ago. During this time, they inhabited the region that is now known as Australia, although it’s very likely they have existed in many other eras and places.

The Yithians housed the knowledge they gleaned from their explorations in the city of Pnakosis, located somewhere in Australia’s Great Sandy Desert. The information of the library is stored in books of nearly indestructible metal – a few are known to exist, with perhaps many more waiting to be found.


Nyarlathotep: References to Nyarlathotep date back to the very beginnings of human civilization. While he is often mentioned in some of the more esoteric religious texts that span many different cultures, the only fact all of these references point to is that no one seems to be sure exactly what he is or whose agenda he is following. He’s definitely the most approachable of the Old Ones, most often appearing as an ordinary human being. The most common theme in these references portrays him as being the arbiter of faustian bargains, a harbinger of madness and dissolution and possessed of an almost irresistible charisma.

Unlike others of his kind, his worship can bring tangible rewards – his gifts, however, almost always lead the receiver closer to the Outer Gods, and he seems to delight in his role of dark Prometheus. Due to this personal magnetism and charm he seldom has to resort to violence, but some texts refer to him laying waste to cities in his more monstrous forms and even causing the demise of a pre-human civilization.

Some of the existing scholarship regards him as a manifestation of the will of one or more of the Outer Gods – perhaps even Azathoth itself, while other sources say he is an individual intelligence with his own unfathomable agenda. That being said, Nyarlathotep has had dealings with many institutions throughout history, MJ-12 included.

Acting as Nyarlathotep’s agents are the Chotgor. These beings are similar to the Mala of Temple, but unlike the Mala, Chotgor can only be created by Nyarlathotep. Chotgor have the ability to change into one of Nyarlathotep’s many forms, a favor he bestows to those few followers who gain his favor and trust. Chotgor can be found acting directly in Nyarlathotep’s interests, or can be lent as aid to whatever cause the Dark God finds worthy.


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