Advent of Carcosa

Advent of Carcosa – Counter-Memes Part 2

Here are the last of the major groups that oppose the CU and its agenda. This is also the last installment of the introduction to the game, although my designer’s notes will follow next week.

I’m continuing work on the rest of the game, and will post updates on aspects of its design that I feel might be of interest. I currently have a workable character creation process in hand – a slightly modified version of the one used in the Savage Worlds system that I’ve play tested over the last couple of days to determine if it’s workable. It seems fine, if a bit more involved that the ingeniously simple process put forward in Savage Worlds. The payoff is a more in depth character, with a past as part of their creation as well as loyalties to the various institutions that make up such an important part of the Carcosian landscape.

But for now, here’s the conclusion . . .


Uplifts were first created by Adaptive Inc. as a means of countering the global backlash against their radical SMM. With their communities shrinking due to societal pressure, legal action and outright violence, Adaptive took the drastic step of manipulating the genetic design of several animal species to give them sapience. At first, their gamble seemed to succeed brilliantly – their creations had a fierce, agile intelligence that wasn’t cluttered with the psychological baggage that so often hindered homo sapiens. This intelligence combined with their innate physical abilities allowed them to assist their benefactors in turning the tide against the opposition. As Adaptive transformed into the CU, many of the Uplifts integrated into the communities as full citizens.

All was not well, however – many of the Uplifts that left and even some that remained in the emerging CU resented humanity for its centuries of ecosphere destruction and for its elimination of countless different species. The majority of those that left the CU continued waging war on SMMs and corporations that persisted in environmental destruction – even some that remained citizens in the CU used their access to advanced nanotech to aid the struggle of their brethren. Some of the more radical cells even attack the CU itself, using every means at their disposal – including forming alliances with Outsiders and the use of forbidden artifacts.

While not as organized as Temple, the diversity and determination of the Uplifts and their sympathizers makes them dangerous not only to the CU, but to the rest of humanity as well.



Ex-humans are sapients that operate either singly or in groups as large as several hundred. Their aims are diverse (motives ranging from apex predator/serial killer in individuals to a hive/assimilation model in some of the larger groups), as are their modes of existence, affect and expression. The trait they have in common is a complete disregard for the rest of humanity, the Earth, or any other consideration in the single-minded pursuit of their goal. Many, but not all of these groups incorporate extreme mind/body alteration and/or Outsider contact in order to achieve their ends.



Groups that seek to maintain a cultural identity outside of the one provided by the CU, most often within a territory that has ancestral significance.



An organization whose cultural identity includes a strongly belief that their SMM, unlike others, has divine sanction – often combined with nationalism.



A collective that seeks the favor of a God-like/Near God-like Outsider Intelligence. The cultists may or may not be the Outsider’s human representatives, but they always strongly believe this to be the case. Cultists tend to be less bio-conservative than fundamentalists, being open to any and all means of furthering their agenda.


Church of Azrael

At first the AI Azrael did not acknowledge the homage of this church, which began worshiping it after it provided aid against the seemingly unstoppable encroachment of the CU. Later, it found that biological agents were useful in furthering its agenda, so it began encouraging the devotion of its followers, rewarding them and occasionally directly accessing their nervous systems with a copy of itself as a means of interacting with the outside world.


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